“Life with the Dead” – Now Playing!

On the heels of its live online premiere, Pilotgroove Pictures is proud to present our newest 48 Hour Film Project – Life with the Dead.

“Life with the Dead: a Decade of Stories from the Zombie Inconvenience”
48 Hour Film Project Boston, 2021
(Genre: Mockumentary)

It’s been 10 years since the first of the dead appeared. Zombies are accepted as a permanent and persistent part of life. Radio host-turned Zombie expert, Simon Wright (P.J. Huot) has fled the spotlight to a life of semi-reclusion, but documentary filmmaker, Kirk Roberts (Aaron Compagna) is determined to bring him out of hiding to host a 10-year retrospective on the Zombie Inconvenience. Will he convince Wright to rejoin the land of the living and tell the stories of life among the dead?

“Life with the Dead” is the 12th 48 Hour Film Project from Pilotgroove Pictures. It was conceived, written, shot, and edited between May 7-9, 2021, as part of the Boston 48 Hour Film Project.

Copyright © 2021, Pilotgroove Pictures

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