Month: May 2018

“Casual Causality” – Now Playing!

Fresh off it’s premiere screening in Boston, Pilotgroove Pictures is proud to present our latest short film – Casual Causality!

“Casual Causality”
48 Hour Film Project Boston, 2018
 (Genre: Time Travel)

This short comedy, follows the misadventures of time-travel trainee, Theodore Taylor (C.J. Dudek). During a training run to the early 21st century, Taylor’s cover is blown by Christopher “Ch” Providence (Jay Galinauskas), a jaded time-hopper from a distant future. Aaron Compagna (Don is the New Death) returns as Ch’s uncle Lou, a patsy to his nephew’s penchant for practical jokes, which threatens to derail Taylor’s time-travel mission.

“Casual Causality” is the 9th short film by Pilotgroove Pictures, and the 5th from the award-winning writer/director duo of P.J. Huot and Ben Peirce. The film was written, shot, edited and scored between May 4 and May 6, 2018, as part of the Boston 48 Hour Film Project. It was screened theatrically at The Somerville Theater on May 15, 2018.

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“Casual Causality” set to premiere in Boston

Returning to the Boston 48 Hour Film Project, Pilotgroove Pictures will debut our ninth film – Casual Causality – on Tuesday night, 9:30pm at the Somerville Theater.

Casual Causality is a comedic time travel short, written and directed by P.J. Huot and Ben Peirce (Don is the New Death). C.J. Dudek (who made a cameo in last year’s Don is the New Death) stars as Theodore Taylor – a timid first-time time traveler who is unwittingly spotted by Ch – a jaded, time-hopper from a distant future played by Pilotgroove newcomer, Jay Galinauskas.

Aaron Compagna (Don is the New Death) returns as Ch’s Uncle Lou, a victim of his nephew’s spree of practical jokes, which threatens to derail Theodore’s time travel mission.

See Casual Causality (and 16 other 48 hour films) at the Boston 48 Hour Film Project (Group D) screening – Tuesday, June 8 at 9:30pm at the Somerville Theater. Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office for $11.

Don is the New Death  wins at DRAFT Fest

Pilotgroove Pictures’ 2017 short, Don is the New Death won it’s second award for Best Short Comedy, this time at Derry NH’s DRAFT Festival. The annual festival, now entering its 3rd year, pairs short films with craft beers for a unique viewing and drinking experience. Don is the New Death was also named Best Short Comedy in November’s SNOB Film Festival.