Month: June 2022

High 5: “Get Your Hands Dirty” Grabs a Handful at Boston Best Of & Awards


SOMERVILLE, June 14 — Get Your Hands Dirty had a big night, leading all films with 12 nominations and five awards at the Boston 48 Hour Film Project Best Of & Awards. The mocku-sports short was a nominee for Best Film and a winner for Best Use of Character, Best Use of Genre, Best Sound, Best Editing and Best Script. The accolades make it Pilotgroove Pictures’ most decorated 48 Hour Film Project to date.

The Boston 48 Hour Film Project Best Of & Awards returned to the theater this year, with 16 films screening before a capacity crowd at the Somerville Theater’s Crystal Ballroom. Get Your Hands Dirty closed out the night, before the awards presentation by Boston producer, Andrew Osborne.

Pilotgroove Pictures captured two of the four required element awards, winning Best Use of Genre (Mockumentary) and Best Use of Character (Martin Shatternick, Florist). They were also nominated for Best Use of Line (“Who said that”). 2017 entry, Don Is the New Death, was also a winner for Best Use of Genre (Fish out of Water).

The mix of broadcast commentary, music and live atmospherics, secured the award for Best Sound. It was the first win in this category for Pilotgroove Pictures and the technical team of Jay Syrene, Dave Distilli and P.J. Huot. The soundtrack—featuring tracks from The Whatnot, Anton Vlasov and Skilsel was also nominated.

Ben Peirce made it back-to-back wins in the category of Best Editing, following up last year’s win for Life with the Dead. Fast-paced action sequences, layered graphics and careful cuts, contribute to a film that’s both cinematic and evocative of live TV.

In another repeat performance, Peirce and Huot picked up their third (second straight) award for Best Script, winning previously for Don Is the New Death and Life with the Dead. They share the honor with collaborating writers and floral pun-smiths, Tim Peirce, Greg Giorgio and Jay Syrene.

If the 2022 Awards were a sports movie, Pilotgroove was Apollo Creed. Get Your Hands Dirty was a nominee for Best Film and after several wins early in the night, the defending champs seemed poised for a return trip to Filmapalooza. But it was Moose Films in the Rocky roll this time. The middle schoolers from Meadowbrook, took top honors with their Buddy Film, Best Frenzy. Moose Films—a rotating crew of student filmmakers since 2007—was also inducted into the Boston 48 Hour Film Project Hall of Fame, along with longtime 48’ers, Playomatic.

Get-Dirty-Poster_v2Pilotgroove Pictures received 12 award nominations for
Get Your Hands Dirty (

  • Best Use of Line
  • Best Use of Character*
  • Best Use of Genre*
  • Best Special Effects
  • Best Titles
  • Best Soundtrack
  • Best Sound*
  • Best Editing*
  • Best Script*
  • Best Acting (Ben PeirceJohn MacAskill)
  • Best Directing
  • Best Film

As always, Pilotgroove Pictures would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to our crew, to the judges and producers behind 48 Hour Film Project Boston, and to everyone who came out to the theater, viewed from home, or otherwise took time out of their life to watch our film.