Month: June 2012

Another 48 Hours – “A Split Second” premieres tonight!

The fifth film from Pilotgroove Pictures makes it’s theatrical debut tonight at 6:30 PM in Hooksett, NH. Produced as part of 48 Hour Film Project New HampshireA Split Second is a psychological thriller starring Ben Peirce as Chuck Dupin, a game show host on the brink of a breakdown. It’s a radical departure from the tone and style of last year’s film, replacing comedy and sight gags with suspense and a breakneck intensity that’s sure to leave audiences reeling.

A Split Second reunites Peirce with longtime directing partner, R.C. Varenas. Peirce, Varenas and P.J. Huot wrote the script with contributions from Jay Syrene, Matt Naughton and Jon O’Hara. Starring alongside Ben Peirce are Pilotgroove Pictures mainstay, Jennifer Peirce and newcomers, Joe Collins and Ashley Dobie. All four actors, deliver powerful performances that grab the viewer and refuse to let go, while the editing and cinematography set the table for the film’s thrilling conclusion.

R.C. Varenas and Jen Peirce review lines on the set of “A Split Second”

Audiences will get their first look at A Split Second, along with 28 other 48 hour film projects at tonight’s premiere screening at Cinemagic in Hookett, NH. It will be one of the first films played in the 6:30 (Group A) screening. A separate batch of films will play at 9:30. Tickets are available online or for $10 (cash only) at the door.