Month: June 2019

An Explanation of Loneliness wins Audience Choice Award, Best-of-Boston selection

An Explanation of Loneneliness was the top vote-getter at its May 14th screening, earning the film an Audience Choice Award and a spot in the 48 Hour Film Project Best-of-Boston screening — Tuesday, June 18, 7pm at the Somerville Theatre.

The Best-of-Boston screening features 16 of the top films from this year’s festival, which had over 40 participating teams. Pilotgroove Pictures will be joined by the three other Audience Choice Award winners, Wax Idiotical Films (The Bank Heist), Slice Cream (Perfect Proposals) and Obnots (Fertility). An awards presentation will follow the screening with nominations and awards, including the coveted title of Best Film.

An Explanation of Loneliness has been nominated for ten awards, including Best Use of Character, Best Use of Genre, Best Use of Line, Best Score (Mike Testa), Best Song (for Wish by The Whatnot), Women in the 48 Award (Jennifer Peirce), Best Acting: Ensemble, Best Acting: Supporting Performance (P.J. Huot) Best Acting: Lead Performance (Aaron Compagna) and Best Editing (Ben Peirce).

The winner of Best Film will represent Boston at Filmapalooza 2020, where they will vie for the title of Best 48HFP Film of 2019 and an entry into the Cannes Film Festival.

To see the full lineup of films and purchase tickets to the Best Of screening, visit: