“Get Your Hands Dirty” – Now Playing!

Fresh off of its theatrical premiere at the Somerville Theater, we’re proud to present the 13th 48 Hour Film Project from Pilotgroove Pictures – Get Your Hands Dirty.

“Get Your Hands Dirty”
48 Hour Film Project Boston, 2022
(Genre: Mockumentary)

Live from Cougar Field House in Flemmingville, it’s the 13th Perennial, Northeast Regional Floral Design Championship. Commentators, Bob Boreman (Ben Peirce) and Bob Windlehavenson (John MacAskill) have the call as upstart flower shop owner, Martin Shatternick (Aaron Compagna) attempts to upset the great Cristobal Levile (newcomer, Ira Jones) in this mocku-sports event, written & directed by P.J. Huot and Ben Peirce

“Get Your Hands Dirty” is the 13th 48 Hour Film Project from Pilotgroove Pictures. It was conceived, written, shot, and edited between May 13–15, 2022, as part of the Boston 48 Hour Film Project. It was screened theatrically at The Somerville Theater on May 23, 2022.

Copyright © 2022, Pilotgroove Pictures

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